Combating the Winter Fatigue; Sleep Tips to keep you Fresh during the Cooler Months

Do you find it harder to get out of bed in winter when the temperature plummets and the mornings are darker? If so, you're not alone!

Follow our tips below to great night’s sleep throughout the colder months and wake up fresh ready for the day ahead.

  1. Before getting into bed have a warm shower or bath, this helps to keep your body warm once you get under the covers.
  2. Keep your bedroom at 18-21 degrees, a warm bedroom can make you toss and turn at night but being cold will increase your likelihood of being uncomfortable and waking up throughout the night.
  3. Open your curtains as close to waking up as possible, natural light starts your body clock and boosts your vitamin D production.
  4. Keep a regular exercise schedule, it can be hard to stay motivated when it’s cold and dark but exercise had proven to increase the quality of your sleep and prevent tiredness when waking up.
  5. Continue your sleep schedule on the weekend, it’s tempting to stay snuggled up in bed but this affects your sleep pattern during the week.
  6. Choose sleepwear that is breathable, temperature regulating, soft and comfortable. The by Natalie sleepwear range has you covered here, Tencel fibres are soft and naturally moisture-wicking for optimum breathability, comfort. The Pajama Shirt and Pant set is the perfect Winter sleepwear.


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